Writing Fan Fiction: What's YOUR excuse?

Investigating the Fan Fiction Phenomenon

Writing Fan Fiction; What's YOUR Excuse?
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We hereby invite fan fiction writers from all over the world to share with others why they feel the urge to write about their favourite character(s), t.v. show, characters in a novel, real person fiction, etc. Sometimes just for your eyes only, sometimes for publication (on the net).
Via this website you can write about your motives freely.

Want to participate? Join the community and post your entry. On the website you will find some questions to help you on your way.
Looking forward to YOUR fandom and YOUR story!

Step 1.
If you are not a Livejournal user: get an account(free!) and join the community via this page.
Livejournal users can join straight away at the top of this page.

Step 2.
Read the RULES AND GUIDELINES on fanwriting Livejournal, to be found in the links-sidebar.

Step 3.
Write your entry, add pictures and links to websites or other Livejournals if you want.

Step 4.
Post your entry to the community.

Step 5.
Read other people's entries and leave (polite)comments. Writers want to know they are being read!