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roleplay advertisement - Writing Fan Fiction: What's YOUR excuse?
Investigating the Fan Fiction Phenomenon
roleplay advertisement
Stretch your creative minds out in roleplay! Roleplay is simply fanfiction that you write with others. Anyone over 18 is welcome to apply. Please see the profile to each community (linked to each name) for details.

Clark County is a CSI-centric roleplaying game with characters currently from all three CSIs, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Crossing Jordan, Shark as well as original characters all residing in Las Vegas.

The 305 is a CSI: Miami-centric relatively new roleplay community. Currently there are characters from all three CSIs, Cold Case and Criminal Minds playing though (practically) any other fandom and original characters are welcome.

Urban Jungle is a CSI: NY-centric roleplay community with characters from all three CSIs and any additional characters who'd like to play in the Big Apple.

Sincerest apologies to the Mod(s) if this advertisement isn't allowed in your community. Delete at your discretion.