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Writing Fan Fiction: What's YOUR excuse?
Investigating the Fan Fiction Phenomenon
Hello all!

What's your fandom / are your fandoms? Star Trek: Voyager, Firefly and Earth 2. I've dabbled a little in Early Edition and Andromeda as well.

Give a short synopsis of the fandom (genre/story). Generally I go for science fiction shows. I also seem to have an affinity for shows involving the adventures of a tight-knit group of people thrown into an unexpected situation.

Favourite character(s)? I'll pick one for each fandom (in the order above) — Janeway, Simon, toss-up between Yale and Danziger, Gary and Beka. I'm shippy to a certain extent but I tend to find that my favorite episodes are the ones that feature the cast as an ensemble. This is especially true for my current obsession, Earth 2.

How long have you been a fan? My father handed me some of James Blish's Star Trek Readers when I was eight. The rest is history. (To put this in perspective, when I was eight there was only one Star Trek, but it existed on both the small and big screens.)

When did you first feel the urge to write fan fiction? I was making up stories almost immediately. I think my first formal, intentional attempt at fan fiction was sometime during high school, but I'd been well aware of it before then.

Did you write other stuff before that? Oh, yes. I still do. I've been playing with words and sentences ever since I learned how to read.

Do you participate in other activities involving your fandom or is it restricted to writing fiction? Right now, it's limited to writing fiction and the occasional online forum. But I've been to a couple of cons and it's possible that I'll do that again.

Are you loyal to your fandom or do you write about something else as soon as there's something new that's interesting? I run in spells.

Do you write alternate universe stories and if so, why? I tend to be a canon-based and post-canon type writer. I tend to shy from A/U writing because so many A/Us change the characterizations. But there are some good ones out there, and I've admittedly played a little with my own.

Do you write crossovers, if so why? I never have, but I recently had a crack!crossover dream/idea, so you never know.

What's your age? Early thirties

Nationality? United States

Gender? Female

Occupation? Cubicle driver

Education? In terms of formal education, I have a two-year degree in business. But I'm the kind who tends to go learn something when I want to learn it, which means I have a large mass of eclectic knowledge.

Do you write alone or sometimes with others? Alone.

Is the main reason to write the love for your fandom or the love of writing? I write for love of the characters.

Do you write for your eyes only or do you feel the need to share your work and get feedback? I write for myself, but I greatly value feedback. More than that, I value some of the friendships that have come out of the fan community.
A book that's been made in to a movie, or tv series, books based on Tv or a movie. Sometimes the differences are very sutble, other times, they're huge. Which do you prefer to write from? Does grabbing bits from both work? Do they count as two, or more, different fandoms?
For example; Dresden Files book 'verse- Bob's a skull, Murphey's blonde, and his blasting rod isn't a hockey stick.

A side question: movies made from books, do you read the book first, or see the movie?
I watch, then read. Doing it the other way just means I see all the scenes they changed or left out.
Stretch your creative minds out in roleplayCollapse )
Since I write a lot of fan fiction, I got curious about the rest of you. Anyone into one or more of the fandoms below? (Read, write or just watch the series/movie?)

This is a list of fandoms (with fanfics mainly written by me) from my own fanfic site:

55 Degrees North/The Night Detective
Age Sensible
Aliens 2
American Dreams
Brokeback Mountain
Brothers In Arms/L'Union Sacrée
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
The Cape
The Chronicle
Cold Case
Commander in Chief
Crossing Jordan/Silent Witness
Cutthroat Island
Dharma & Greg
Dr Quinn
The Eagle - A Crime Odyssey
Extremely Dangerous
Father's Day/La Fête des Pères
First Wave
Forsyte Saga
The Fugitive
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Xena: The Warrior Princess
High Tide
Homicide - Life on the street
Horatio Hornblower
House M.D.
The House of Elliot
Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Jack & Jill
Judging Amy
KDD Kriminaldauerdienst
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Love Boat: The Next Wave
Miami Vice
Midsomer Murders
My Beautiful Laundrette
My Own Private Idaho
The Pretender
Rastignac ou les ambitieux
Real People
Rex, a Cop's Best Friend
Robin of Sherwood
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Second Sight
Sherlock Holmes
Silent Witness/Crossing Jordan
Spy Game
Stargate SG1
Starsky & Hutch
State of Play
A Touch of Frost
Touching Evil
Velvet Goldmine
Veronica Mars
Will & Grace
Wire In the Blood
Without a Trace
X Files
Young Lions
Your Mother Too
Some very interesting replies to my post - thanks everyone. Just to clarify a little what I was getting at was whether we react to characters fleshed out for us on our screens any differently to characters we encounter in the pages of a book.  I also wonder whether part of the motivation for writing tv fanfic is to recreate or hold on to that character as performed by a specific actor with all their mannerisms, physical characteristics etc. With a book we each imagine what Mr Rochester might look/sound like etc. When we've seen Orson Welles in the role it's more difficult not to imagine the character as such, even if we don't particularly agree with the casting/interpretation. With tv shows and film, as well as the characters, we also have sounds (music), colours and visual imagery that make the show what it is and sometimes this may be reflected in fanfic.  What originally fascinated me was the fact that people do want to write stories and 'just' rely on text - I haven't come across any fanfic which uses sounds, colours, images, hyperlinks etc.  I have seen fanvideos on youtube and fanart, but I was fascinated by the impulse to 'write down' the stories. Perhaps this gives us an opportunity to enter the characters' thoughts, to slow things down so we can figure out and debate what has happened, and maybe also to give us a sense of ownership and participation in the fandom?
Would love to hear more from you, but thanks for all your input so far! 

 I'm interested in why people write fanfiction based on tv shows or films, as opposed to prose fiction i.e. novels/short stories. Is the process of writing about someone who is embodied for us on screen any different from writing about a character who we have to imagine/visualise for ourselves? Is anything lost in translation when we try to describe in writing how someone sounds, their physical charactersitics and so on, or is this part of the appeal? Why do we want to write down our thoughts and responses to characters and plot lines that we encounter in a primarily visual medium?

Any thoughts on this?

12 comments // Questions/Comments
What's your fandom / are your fandoms?
Chronologically: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, X-Men (movie- and comic-verse), Star Wars, Marvel comics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Superman (movie- and comic-verse), Prison Break, with a smattering of others in there (Batman, Heroes, Bones, et cetera)
Favourite character(s).
Wow, this has changed so much over the years. Again, chronologically: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger (I was a HUGE DM/HG shipper back in the day), Eomer (huge Eomer/Lothiriel shipper), Wolverine, Han Solo, Vader, Buffy Summers, Spike, (Spuffy!), the Scoobies, Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Michael Scofield, Sara Tancredi (MiSa!), and others.
Why this particular fandom?
Given I have several fandoms I'll give a general answer to this question. I am always attracted both to fandoms and to ships with a lot of complexity. The more involved and complex a relationship or story, the better the fanfic will be and the more figurative 'meat' there is for the writer to sink his/her teeth into. This also means complexity for the individual character, ones with unique backstories and ambiguities and three-dimensional qualities. So generally (with the possible exception of HP and a few of my mini-fandoms), all my fandoms have either a character or a ship that deeply intrigues me.
* How long have you been a fan?
Started reading fanfic back in 1999 as ten year old (oh, the memories ;)) and joined ff.net in 2000. Been writing ever since, though you wouldn't know that from the relatively small quantity of my work that still has a home on the Internet (I've regularly purged the crap!fic I've written over the years).
When did you first feel the urge to write fan fiction?
I got into fanfic because I "wanted to find out what happened next" and I started writing because I had my own ideas I wanted to get out of my head. Come to think of it, I have been "writing" fanfic in my head ever since I was a young girl, creating stories with characters from books I read and movies I saw and so on. So actually putting down in words what I had running around my head wasn't much of a leap.
Did you write other stuff before that?
Always. Creative writing has been a hobby of mine since I learned to write, period.
Do you participate in other activities involving your fandom or is it restricted to writing fiction?
Yes, I really like to get to know people in a given fandom (the reason I'm on LJ).
How would you describe your genre of fan fiction?
I am not a great writer of romance (though I have done it), and my style is generally Gen, Het, Drama.
Are you loyal to your fandom or do you write about something else as soon as there's something new that's interesting?
I have an obsessive personality (shocker? probably not) and while my focus/interest varies, I do remain loyal to my fandoms though I tend to lurk a lot more when I'm in the throes of a different obsession.
Do you write alternate universe stories and if so, why?
Not usually, though I have written a few AU ficlets here and there that have never been published.
Do you write crossovers, if so why?
Again, never published any. My eyes only.

About the writer:
What's your age?
Nationality? U.S. citizen
Gender? female
Occupation? student
Education? currently at university
Do you write alone or sometimes with others?
alone, but a BETA reader or readers is essential

This was fun! Great idea for a community. :)
Questions to pose to those who write fan fiction:

Why do you write fan fiction?
Sometimes I write fics because of something that has happened in my favourite tv show that I didn't want to happen, or just because I like writing, I love getting ideas at random times of the day when I'm doing something and I love to put those ideas down onto paper so to speak.
When did you start writing fan fiction?
I'm not exactly sure the exact moment I started writing fanfiction but it has been at least two maybe three years
What do you write fan fiction for?
Myself mainly, I'll mainly write it for pleasure, and post it on ff.net so other people can read. But I would like to write a book
Before you started writing fan fiction what were your views of it? Did you even know of its existence?
I did, I've been a member at fanfiction.net at least a couple years before I started writing it
How has writing fan fiction made you feel about the show you write about?
I don't know really, I write for several shows, and I guess it's made me like them more.
How does it make you feel towards the writers?
I admire them, it must take a long time and they've got to constantly think of new ideas and make sure it sounds believable and it'll be something that people will want to watch.
What communities have you discovered through writing fan fiction?
Live Journal, and other fanfiction websites.
Would you ever consider becoming a professional writer?
Yes, I would love to be a professional writer
What process do you go through when preparing to write fan fiction?
I like to listen to music when I'm writing and sometimes a certain song or certain lyrics will inspire an idea.
What other things do you do besides write fan fiction that make you an active fan of the show?
I like reading fanfics of that show, watching the episodes, maybe download some songs that were in episodes of that show.

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I recieved this in my inbox. Maybe of interest to the members.

from </a></font></b></a>thejadedrogue
Hi – I’m a member of myfandoms.com and they are having a GREAT contest over there and one of the things to win is a Buffy The Vampire, Smallville or Star Trek TNG signed script. I thought you might like a shot at winning it. All you have to do is sign up, check out the forum, under Contests to find the rules. Hope to see some great fan fiction over there. – tJR
* What's your fandom / are your fandoms.

Almost ninety different fandoms - tv series and movies.

* Give a short synopsis of the fandom (genre/story).

Sci fi, cop series, historic, drama, comedy

* How long have you been a fan.

I've been writing fan fiction for eight or nine years

* When did you first feel the urge to write fan fiction.

I can hardly remember. Before I even knew there was such a thing

* Did you write other stuff before that?

Yes, I've always made up stories

* Do you participate in other activities involving your fandom or is
   it restricted to writing fiction.

I watch the tv series and movies and read information about them

* How would you describe your genre of fan fiction?

(Gen/Het/Slash/Porn/DarkFics/Comedy/Drama/ Satire).

Angst, Gen, Het, Slash, Comedy, Drama, Satire

* Are you loyal to your fandom or do you write about something else
   as soon as there's something new that's interesting?

I keep finding new fandoms, but I don't usually leave the old ones

* Do you write alternate universe stories and if so, why ?

Almost always to some degree, but usually I stay relatively close to the canon universe

* Do you write crossovers, if so why?

I have a few times, when I can't find enough characters that interest me in just one fandom

About the writer:

* Nationality?


* Gender?


* Occupation?

Writer? Unemployed.

* Education?

Some college

* Do you write alone or sometimes with others?

Alone, though I discuss my stories, fandoms and general writing with my only known reader, my sister, and when possible, with others.

* Is the main reason to write the love for your fandom or the love of

The love of writing primarily, but naturally also a love for the fandoms

* Describe yourself in one sentence.

I'm a creative, moody loner.

* Do you write for your eyes only or do you feel the need to share
   your work and get feedback?

I love feedback, but will write for myself alone if I have to. I'll never give up writing.