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intro entry... - Writing Fan Fiction: What's YOUR excuse?
Investigating the Fan Fiction Phenomenon
intro entry...
Hello all!

What's your fandom / are your fandoms? Star Trek: Voyager, Firefly and Earth 2. I've dabbled a little in Early Edition and Andromeda as well.

Give a short synopsis of the fandom (genre/story). Generally I go for science fiction shows. I also seem to have an affinity for shows involving the adventures of a tight-knit group of people thrown into an unexpected situation.

Favourite character(s)? I'll pick one for each fandom (in the order above) — Janeway, Simon, toss-up between Yale and Danziger, Gary and Beka. I'm shippy to a certain extent but I tend to find that my favorite episodes are the ones that feature the cast as an ensemble. This is especially true for my current obsession, Earth 2.

How long have you been a fan? My father handed me some of James Blish's Star Trek Readers when I was eight. The rest is history. (To put this in perspective, when I was eight there was only one Star Trek, but it existed on both the small and big screens.)

When did you first feel the urge to write fan fiction? I was making up stories almost immediately. I think my first formal, intentional attempt at fan fiction was sometime during high school, but I'd been well aware of it before then.

Did you write other stuff before that? Oh, yes. I still do. I've been playing with words and sentences ever since I learned how to read.

Do you participate in other activities involving your fandom or is it restricted to writing fiction? Right now, it's limited to writing fiction and the occasional online forum. But I've been to a couple of cons and it's possible that I'll do that again.

Are you loyal to your fandom or do you write about something else as soon as there's something new that's interesting? I run in spells.

Do you write alternate universe stories and if so, why? I tend to be a canon-based and post-canon type writer. I tend to shy from A/U writing because so many A/Us change the characterizations. But there are some good ones out there, and I've admittedly played a little with my own.

Do you write crossovers, if so why? I never have, but I recently had a crack!crossover dream/idea, so you never know.

What's your age? Early thirties

Nationality? United States

Gender? Female

Occupation? Cubicle driver

Education? In terms of formal education, I have a two-year degree in business. But I'm the kind who tends to go learn something when I want to learn it, which means I have a large mass of eclectic knowledge.

Do you write alone or sometimes with others? Alone.

Is the main reason to write the love for your fandom or the love of writing? I write for love of the characters.

Do you write for your eyes only or do you feel the need to share your work and get feedback? I write for myself, but I greatly value feedback. More than that, I value some of the friendships that have come out of the fan community.